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The lack of institutional capacity in securing convictions in serious criminal crimes, concerning terrorism and large scale financial crimes has been an international and local concern. The Chamber of Barrister Salman Safdar has been closely linked with capacity building projects as consultants offering services that include, but are not limited to, conducting workshops, lectures and policy formulation and implementation mechanisms. With experience in defense and prosecution work, the Chamber has a unique insight in to the problems faced by litigants. We work closely with non-governmental and multinational organizations advising them on impacts particular policies may have on the criminal justice system.

One of the most significant themes carried through various consultancies is developing processes to make documentary and expert evidence relevant in criminal trials. The trend in Pakistan is a heavy reliance on testimonial evidence and the Chamber aspires to reduce reliance on testimony and shift it towards expert evidence. With the establishment of a National Forensic Laboratory in Lahore, training the police and prosecution services on how to maximize the potential of expert evidence has been a key priority. We are also frequent speakers at policy conferences at the National Management College and the Federal Judicial Academy.

The Chamber has been engaged as consultants in the following developmental programs:

  • Consultant CCBLE 2010-2011, Training Lahore.
  • Consultant 2009, Evidence & Procedure, Asian Development Bank 'Access to Justice' programme lectures conducted all over Punjab to prosecutors.
  • Consultant 2009-2010, Forensic Legal Regime for Asian Development Bank 'Access to Justice' programme lectures all over Punjab to law enforcement agencies.

The Chamber has several other projects in the pipeline and with the spectrum of work expanding in Pakistan, we are well prepared to fulfill the needs of development agencies and are willing to work closely with them to achieve Rule of Law and has recently expanded in to directly applying for law related development projects in Pakistan.