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In light of the growing trend to migrate abroad for better prospects and a better future, our chamber offers specialized services for a variety of matters relating to immigration law. Our close engagement with clients from initial consultation to implementation has got us remarkable results, thereby making us unique in the field. For better results, we strongly believe in keeping ourselves abreast with recent developments in immigration laws, and work closely on individual applications to bring them in conformity with the latest changes in the policy.Our starting point is always a face-to-face discussion to ascertain exactly what the client's requirements are.

Once we understand your business and needs, we draw on our experience and expertise to advise you exactly what is legally possible and which type of visa is best suited to your circumstances. There are usually extensive and detailed rules for each category and it is absolutely vital, therefore, that your application is presented with the correct supporting documents. An incorrectly presented application can either be held up by requests for further information or, at worst, even be refused.

Our services include


A "U.K visa refusal appeal & Administrative reviews "

a - Limited Right

b - Full Right

B "Immigration service "

a - Canada

b - U.K

c - Denmark

C "Student visa and admission"

a - Universities

b - Colleges

c - Institutions

A. If you feel discriminated and your case was unfairly rejected, contact our experienced barristers and consultants . We are known for Appeal drafting, it is our forte, we are internationally known for drafting persuasive ,cogent and professional appeals. We work on appeals in collaboration with our U.K partner law firm. Our success ratio is above 90 % .

B. We provide exemplary immigration services for Canada, United Kingdom and Denmark . We are speedily registering cases for newly introduced Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Class Migration program on fast track basis.

C. We ensure admission and visa for students abroad in United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, America and whole of Europe . We advise students to contact us for knowing their prospects better .