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The Chamber of Barrister Salman Safdar, shortly after its inception in 2001, established a reputation for success through its commitment to providing the highest quality of expertise and legal representation in the field of criminal law. Across Pakistan, our Chamber is amongst the few Chambers and Law Firms which focuses solely on criminal legal cases and represents Clients in all three tiers of Pakistan’s Court System, namely the Magistrates or Sessions Court, the High Court, and the Supreme Court. Consequently, the services of our Chamber are sought after by high profile individuals and companies.

Our Chamber has quickly developed the reputation for hiring the best talent available across Pakistan. Barrister Salman Safdar recruits and trains his own team of criminal lawyers, enabling our Chamber to handle increasingly complex criminal legal cases all over Pakistan, in all the four provinces. Our team is experienced in handling a wide variety of criminal matters ranging from violent crime to white collar crime. Barrister Salman Safdar represents Clients in his capacity as both a Prosecuting Attorney and a Defense Counsel, securing favourable results for all Clients, regardless of the nature of their case, i.e. petty or heinous.

Our Chamber regards it as part of its national duty to contribute to the criminal justice system of Pakistan. Due to our reputation for excellence and impeccable standards, our Chamber is regularly called on by the Supreme Court to serve as Amicus Curiae in leading criminal cases where intricate and difficult questions of criminal law have arisen. In 2018, Barrister Salman Safdar was appointed as Amicus Curiae in the Sughran Bibi case (PLD 2018 SC 595) through which the Supreme Court was pleased to end the confusing and disastrous culture of multiple First Information Reports in the same criminal case.

Our chamber prides itself in the advocacy skills of our lawyers. However, we also realize that success is not contingent upon the lawyer, but on the commitment and integrity he shows in his work. It is this undeniable truth that forms the basis of our mission: Success through Professionalism

Trusted Firm with Offences against Person