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The issuance of cheques in lieu of financial commitments is common practice. They are given during the course of business, employment and in some cases purchases of consumer goods. The dishonoring of a cheque when you have already fulfilled your commitment can be a harrowing experience which is why we offer our services to both aggrieved and accused parties in such cases. Our services include recommending investigation methods, arguing or opposing bail applications as well as trials related to this offence. We handle cases for persons as well as companies. In cases where you are being persecuted for a crime you did not commit or have been cheated by the presentation of a dishonored cheque, you will find our services tailored to your requirements.

The Chamber has several reported judgments on this offence quoted and published by the Honorable Lahore High Court. Recognizing our commitment to improving the discourse on this law, Barrister Safdar was appointed as Amicus Curia by the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court.

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