Mr. Ahmed Raza Kazim graduated from University of London with a Roll of Honour in 2020 following which he joined the Chamber of Barrister Salman Safdar. Mr. Ahmed Raza Kazim has been associated with the Chamber since 2018, initially in the capacity of an Intern and having completed his Degree has been promoted to the position to an Associate. Mr. Ahmed Raza Kazim has assisted Barrister Salman Safdar on notable cases like The Khadija Siddiqui Case, Orange Line Case, Jehangir Khan Tareen JDW Case and Ephedrine Case. Mr. Ahmed Raza Kazim has a keen interest in White Collar Crime Litigation and deals with matters relating to NAB Reference, Corporate Fraud, Dishonoring Of Cheques under Section 489 F PPC 1860 and is also a certified Mediator registered in the UK and Singapore for Mediation practice.